Founder of Jooloong Enterprise: Ye Yilong

A native of Yuhuan County, Zhejiang, and the chairman of Zhejiang Jooloong Machinery Co., Ltd., a representative of the 15th People’s Congress of Yuhuan County, an efficiency supervisor of Yuhuan County’s organs, an outstanding builder of socialism with Chinese characteristics in Zhejiang Province, and an outstanding entrepreneur in Zhejiang Province, etc. title.

Since 1996, Ye Yilong has served successively as general manager of Yuhuan Jooloong Machinery Co., Ltd., general manager of Zhejiang Jooloong Electric Co., Ltd., and general manager of Zhejiang Jooloong Machinery Co., Ltd. Under the leadership of Ye Yilong for more than 20 years, Zhejiang Jooloong has developed from a single high-strength bolt production to an enterprise with industrial clusters such as logistics, steel pipe manufacturing, and automotive electrical appliances.

The Jooloong brand is the supporting vanguard of China FAW Group, the top 100 competitive brands of private enterprises made in China, and the top 100 manufacturing enterprises in Zhejiang Province.

Ye Yilong worked hard to start a business and lived a frugal life, but he was generous in social welfare and philanthropy.

Ye Yilong is also a deputies to the National People’s Congress who is dedicated to his duties and speaks for the people. He pays attention to social conditions and public opinion and fully demonstrates his serious and responsible attitude.