Committed to becoming a model for the auto parts industry; progress with employees, win-win with all parties, and co-prosperity with society.

Interpretation of corporate vision
Committed to becoming a model for the auto parts industry
For Jiulong, it clearly defines the business development direction for a long period of time in the future. The “model of the auto parts industry” points out a clear long-term goal for the company. In the future, Jiulong will strive to become an industry benchmark and lead the industry trend in many fields such as independent technological innovation, management service reform, corporate culture construction, and fulfillment of social responsibilities.

Progress with employees
That is to say, Jiulong Company is a warm family harbor for all members of the enterprise. The development of Jiulong comes from the hard work and dedication of every family member. No matter the past, present, or the future, Jiulong always breathes with employees, shares a common destiny, and grows together. share together.

Win-win with all parties
That is, the enterprise forms a community of interests with shareholders, channel providers, end users, suppliers and other partners

Prosperity with society
The development of an enterprise is inseparable from the support of the state and the comprehensive support of the public. Jiulong has never forgotten to return to the society in various forms, feed back to the society, actively participate in various social welfare undertakings, and contribute to the promotion of the construction of a harmonious society. As a corporate citizen, Jiulong is willing to take on more social responsibilities.

Provide customers with the best auto parts solutions

Interpretation of corporate mission

Providing customers with the best auto parts solutions is the glorious mission of Jiulong.

As always, Jiulong will always adhere to the business philosophy of “creating maximum value for customers” and deeply rooted in the field of auto parts. In response to different terminal application environments and technical requirements, Jiulong has passed full investigations, repeated certifications, and rigorous testing to always ensure the excellent quality of products and provide customers with the most competitive complete set of perfect solutions.

Honesty, humility, pragmatic innovation, satisfying customers, harmony and symbiosis

Interpretation of enterprise core values

Honest and humble
Honesty is the foundation of an enterprise and the foundation of employees. It is with the firm belief of “Integrity First” that Jiulong is still frequently favored by Chinese and foreign customers even in the difficult period of entrepreneurship; and with the consistent humility, Jiulong is able to do so with the help of all partners. Grow bit by bit. Similarly, the unswerving belief in honesty and humility will also be integrated into the life gene of Jiulong and accompany the sustainable operation of the enterprise, which will last for a century.

Pragmatic innovation
In the work, Jiulong advocates everything to speak with facts, and promotes the steady development of Jiulong’s business with a pragmatic style based on facts. In the continuous expansion of the territory, we will continue to challenge ourselves so as not to make the past successful experience a burden. Regardless of the technical field, management mechanism, or marketing service, the people of Jiulong have always pursued the value concept of “Everything has room for improvement and improvement, and innovation is endless”. With strong innovation, it will continue to promote the business of Jiulong. Push to new highs.

Satisfy customers
To satisfy customers is to always put customer needs first. The focus is “customer-centric”, always consider who my customers are, what customers need me to do, what I have done for customers, what else can I do for customers, and make Jiulong a customer satisfaction Benchmarking enterprise.

The dragon merges all things, and Jiulong gathers useful talents from all corners of the world with a sense of inclusiveness, and nurtures them widely, so that the quality of everyone in this big family has been improved and sublimated. Let every family member grow into a capable person and a strong person, because the development of Jiulong needs more elite talents to support and guarantee. It is necessary to gather all the Jiulong people together in order to burst out the power of the sky. This is a spirit, an enterprise spirit of “combination and symbiosis” that we have always advocated. Work together, regardless of you and me; more than contribution, not only diplomas, to turn many incredible and impossible into reality and possibility in our hands, then Jiulongteng will only fly in the present.