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Automobile brakes are the braking devices of automobiles. Almost all brakes used in automobiles are friction type, which can be divided into two categories: drum type and disc type. The rotating element in the friction pair of the drum brake is a brake drum, and its working surface is a cylindrical surface; the rotating element of a disc brake is a rotating brake disc, with the end surface as the working surface.
Automobile brakes refer to components that generate force (braking force) that hinder the movement or movement tendency of the vehicle, and it also includes the retarding device in the auxiliary braking system.
Drum brakes are divided into two-way self-energizing shoe brakes, double lead shoe brakes, lead shoe brakes, and double shoe brakes according to their different structures. Its braking efficiency decreases successively, with the lowest being the disc brake; but the braking efficiency stability is successively increasing, and the disc brake is the highest. It is for this reason that disc brakes are commonly used. However, in order to improve its braking efficiency, it is necessary to add a brake booster system, which makes it more expensive, so low-end cars generally use front and rear drums.
The equipment used to increase the coefficient of friction between the tire and the ground is mainly divided into drum type and disc type, which are also used for parking. The drum type brakes quickly, but the braking force drops quickly after heating; the disc type The braking technology is big, the braking force is not as big as the drum type, but it can still maintain a relatively good braking effect after heating up, and the advanced disc brake has 6 brake pumps, which can do a good braking effect. , So modern cars use disc brakes.

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