How to check the car rocker assemblyPosted by On 2021-04-14

When disassembling the rocker arm assembly, pay attention to the serial number of each rocker arm, the installation direction and position of the rocker arm shaft, so as to avoid the wrong position during installation. When cleaning the parts of the rocker arm assembly, care should be taken to clean the inside of the rocker arm shaft and ensure that the oil holes are unobstructed. After the rocker assembly is disassembled, the following inspections are mainly carried out.
(1) Check the wear of the contact part of the ball surface of the rocker arm. If there are slight wear groove marks, use oilstone or a grinder for grinding. If the wear is serious, replace the rocker arm.
(2) For the rocker arm with the valve clearance adjustment screw, check whether the adjustment screw, lock nut and the screw holes on the rocker arm are intact. If damaged, replace it.
(3) For floating rocker arms with rolling bearings, check their bearings, and replace the rocker arms if they are severely worn or damaged.
(4) For the rocker arm installed on the rocker arm shaft, measure the inner diameter of the rocker arm bushing and the outer diameter of the rocker arm shaft, and check the matching clearance. If the clearance exceeds the allowable limit, replace the parts or assembly.
(5) Check the bending deformation of the rocker shaft. If it exceeds the allowable limit, correct or replace the rocker shaft.

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